If truckers don’t get a break, what worker can in this consumer economy? Coupons are nice.

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Colbert made a “foolish” mistake on The Colbert Show recently.

Quotation Smokation.

Quotation Smotation.

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#Abolish #AbortionCare #EuthanasiaCare

Draft, unpublished

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Dear Mr. Nutland: Is Nutland your real name? I was called “nutty” yesterday among other things and wondered if that’s how you found me.

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Come to me you exhausted. I will give you rest. must have made the difference.

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Puffing is not an American sin

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Other presidents preached the value of a free press while abroad. Trump went a different way.



“Guys, you’re competing with me. I’m the guy with the fairy tale ending. I’m your guy. Now get back to work reporting on what I do for you.”


How Joséphin Péladan’s mystical art exhibitions, in late-nineteenth-century Paris, set the stage for modernism:



Escaped GE Bacteria from China Cause Identification Headaches in EU



by Juliet Cromwell Leaving Burgos the Kings Gate 12c, once old Hospital now University



In designing space robots, the goal — as with all exploration — is to find questions we don’t yet know how to ask.



Two-factor authentication: An underutilized security measure in businesses



Evolution is full of trade-offs, like these genes that may have helped some early humans survive the Ice Age



In the rubble of the Mosul mosque where the ISIS “Caliphate” was born—and every civilian could be a killer





by Juliet Cromwell rd through the Arco de San Antón where bread was once left 4 pilgrims.



1/ Yesterday, we published a story abt how Trump sold his son condos at big discounts—while avoiding the usual taxes



Replying to

6/ We’ve asked people to help us go through the financial disclosures of 400+ officials Trump installed across gov’t



7/ When the government refused to tell who worked at the White House, we worked with readers to pierce the opacity:



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell Wet day



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell Cabin on the Camino with extras 🙂



When Obama went to war on Fox News



Achievement unlocked: How “collecting achievements” can help you save money and keep your hobbies via



Shaub, who has led the ethics office since Jan. 2013, has resigned. His 5-year term was set to expire in Jan. 2018.



As a rookie, RB Tyler Ervin showed flashes of brilliance – but Ervin said he expects more of himself in 2017. 📰:




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I like “the president is flouting the rule of law” linking to an article from 6/2016, well before Trump became prez.



boss re-ups with 20th Century Fox Television



This artist crafts guns that don’t shoot, but it’s not a political statement.



These are the 10 best places to , and they’re like crazy



Why did the UK start fortifying bread flour with micronutrients like calcium and iron? 📻



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell



Where does your country fall when it comes to decision making and authority?



The biggest threat to science? The scientists themselves.



How to protect your trades in a new era of central bank hawks



China revises electric-car incentives to reward longer ranges



Researchers at & use the power of artificial intelligence to help people identify skin cancer.



provided complete view of Jupiter’s auroras in 1998.



Inspiring visit earlier today to Nucleo Abanca Resuena. Children and young people growing up together w/ music as an ally



In Poland, Trump gets a missile deal and a request to strengthen military and energy ties





Trump finally confirms America’s NATO commitment to defend Europe



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omg I thought they were tampons i was so confused why is dongho’s picture on fuckin tampons?? but they turned out to be ice cream imsosorry

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Et pourquoi en octobre 2018 ? C’est trop long, je veux en janvier !!



The Angeltown Post Retweeted United 2026

What I don’t get is why the US doesn’t go at this alone? This has the mark of the Canadian leader of CONCACAF. This is how CN gets a WC.

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Over and over again, uses industry talking points to do his job instead of, you know, science.



by Juliet Cromwell Life size sculpture of a pilgrim in Plaza San Marcos



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wait does anyone know which ep was the one where they went to universal ??



It’s ! And we know exactly which kiss you want to see . . . 😉


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Does anybody know where can I get them for free? Previously I did not paid a single cent



One question? Why they butcher this Tupac movie like this?



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You are very welcome pleased weather’s getting better very hot here now just left Astorga beautiful Cathedral and Gaudi Palace outstanding!x



“Hey, you gonna watch the special tonight?” “Yeah – when & where?” “10p CT on FOX Sports Tennessee. It’ll be awesome!”



Andy Warhol shopping for inspiration.



Por qué ponen música de banda??? 😒 esos ritmos me deprimen 😒😒😒😒



When I was in MFU.I don’t know what languageI should say sorry Japanese? Thai? English? Chinese?w.



What do you do when you have the best advisor in the nation? You celebrate! Thank you for all you do, Rizner!



Mi madre: los fans de Pokémon que vivís en Cartagena estáis de enhorabuena Yo: por qué? Mi madre: porque vivís en pueblo Paleto



Links shortened with are vetted for potentially harmful sites. Learn more in our FAQs:



Wanna see some rebellious Soviet youngsters? Then check this out! via



Don’t Pass on This Pass! Go Cardinal or Platinum with your very own summer Group Fitness Pass. Sign up today! 👯 :



. is making crossing the street safe for black people, one pedestrian at a time.



MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Sarcastically Calls Trump’s Criticism a ‘Badge of Honor’



Viz Lab will develop a dashboard to track & visualize images & memes, as common sources of fake news.



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell in Astorga



Chicago blues queen Koko Taylor belts out earthy anthems like “Beer Bottle Boogie” and “Wang Dang Doodle” in 1998.



Just as it is the duty of all men to obey just laws, so it is the duty of all men to disobey unjust laws. – Martin Luther King Jr.



That’s right, it’s time! Follow and use the hashtag to join the conversation. Where are you joining in from?



Don’t do it unless you’re willing to give your whole life to it. Red wine and garlic also helps. JIM HARRISON



Showrunner Renews Overall Deal With Fox



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell along



.‘s final season of will air at the end of July.



Council forced to pay £12k to man who lives in tent because he is ‘allergic’ to electricity



States across the U.S. are stepping up to the plate and passing new workers’ rights laws:





A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell





A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell castle of the 12c. In Ponferrada



Recently obtained from Vatican secret concerning fictitious charges of heresy & execution of leaders of



by Juliet Cromwell 200 year old vine held up by decorative metal work in Ponferrada



, 1927, born



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell in £2.99 narrated by the wonderfully talented



is here 🙏 I hope this song reaches people who are in the midst of struggles” – Kesha 🌸



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell the



Great-grandpa-to-be has heartwarming reaction to news



“Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato will be released on July 11th.



Replying to and

I prefer by far animals to the human beings …. at my own risk !!!!



NY lineup announced!



19 attorneys general are suing Betsy DeVos for suspending rules that protect students



by Juliet Cromwell 100kms to through came across a lone piper



19 attorneys general are suing Betsy DeVos for suspending rules that protect students



The pilgrims monument on the hill before you enter Santiago



⚠️24hrs to go until tickets for the final stop on The Compound Evolved tour in LOS ANGELES are available!! 🍌🍾💥


May 31


Picture-In-Picture. Style😎⚾️



Spotted: ‘s lovely LEAVING LUCY PEAR at !



A Perception of Sin by Juliet Cromwell in £2.99 narrated by the wonderfully talented


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🌹❤🌹❤🌹 B Y E!🌹❤🌹❤🌹





JUST ADDED! TOBY – A1117548 Follow me here for updates and status:



by Juliet Cromwell 15c in the sides worn down by the 1000’s of .



July 10 is the deadline for telling that protecting national monuments is important to you



Police are using water cannons to clear protesters at the G20 Summit in Germany

See more at



WATCH LIVE: Protesters clash with police at G20 summit in Hamburg



G20 police attacked with iron bars, bottles, stones. WATCH LIVE:



🇺🇸PSA🇺🇸(patriotic service announcement): The approve of these super fun and festive stickers😍🇺🇸💙🤘🏽



West Nile virus case confirmed in Mississippi



Follow for tweeted updates on who’s visiting and talking to President Trump



An iceberg the size of Delaware is about to break off of Antarctica



Two credit cards are offering 0% interest until 2019



Recovering PTSD Window in the Sky: 2 Light Forces Intersect Creating Circular Rainbow 1923





Ask Laz: Can customers bring dogs into Starbucks and other coffee shops?



land of the free because of the brave 🇺🇸 Happy Fourth of July Texans fans ❤️ hope everyone has a safe relaxing holiday!



This might happen tonight but with different pants if you



California Gov. Jerry Brown will call for a global summit on “climate action” to be held in San Francisco in 2018



DCdoozy Retweeted The Reagan Battalion

Calling for violent jihad in America.

DCdoozy added,



Premium dating site



I’m baaaaaccckkkk 😎😏 🤘🏾✨🇨🇱



German police use water cannons on G-20 protest



Times have changed. My kids tell me they’re not allowed to play dodge ball at summer camp. The counselors say it’s “dangerous.” Really?



Most protesters here in Hamburg couldn’t pick Trump out of a lineup. They’re anti-globalists & anarchists w/ literally nothing better to do.



Why did CNN’s Chris Cuomo delete this tweet? Did he realize that blackmailing someone because you don’t like what they post is illegal?



Food Addiction Too? First Drugs and Alcohol – now I have to let go of the sugar! 673



Deal: Oakland-Paris nonstop, $475 roundtrip



Down to catch up? Stream the first season of Superior Donuts now.



At $48M, this estate is our most expensive new listing



You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. -James Lane Allen



Did you know that 9%-47% of jobs are in danger of becoming irrelevant due to technological change? (stat from The White House 2016 report)


9m9 minutes ago




This guy is a trip lol


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All I know is, I was in love with you when you left & I’m in love with you now. -Cathy O’Donnell as Wilma Cameron in Best Years of Our Lives



Tourism to the U.S. has risen despite Trump’s travel ban



We asked clinical teachers ‘what worries you most about teaching?’…



Cloud. Simplified. Deploy a server using our beautiful orchestration panel in under 60 seconds!



How Trump should handle his first meeting with Putin





I’m on ‘s to discuss North Korea. now!



Growing population = rising demand for electricity. Don’t sweat it! energy is up to the challenge (& keeps our air carbon-free)



INSIGHT: German police clash with G20 protesters



PolticsNewz: Exit the Government Ethics Chief



PHOTOS: Trump visits Europe for G-20 summit on 2nd overseas trip



Stuck in spreadsheets? Say goodbye to rows and columns and hello to simple.



Spiritcatcher by Ron Baird, a Thunderbird created for Expo86 dominates Barrie’s Kempenfelt Bay Park on Lake Simcoe



Gavin Russom, LCD Soundsystem’s synth player and vocalist since 2009, has come out as transgender



“Mindfulness brings us down from the ivory tower, and helps us get closer to the ground”


8m8 minutes ago


Danielle Haskell “In your arms God my heart will rest. Because you know my name & you wont ever Forget” >>



Trumpkins talk about “liberal tears”, but they’re the only ones crying. Truthfully, I’ve never felt more alive. I was born to fight this.



Help protect yourself, your loved ones and your property against the threat of wildfires:



See the video for Kesha’s triumphant new song “Praying”
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Don’t Bring Me Down–ELO Now Playing @JonesysJukebox

Positivity for the DJ’s too!

Double negatives work, but so does negative thinking.–Herbert Marcuse

DJ’s are people too…at least during a KLOS-FM “FreeRide”. The Law Offices of James Bergener.


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@EWTN prayed for people who died yesterday.

Dear citizens of the world who will die today: May you go straight to heaven and look down on me like a fool. inspired.

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