@BillGates Glad to b with WordPress. I’m a mess when it comes to filing papers AND keeping track of them: PLAY HOLLYWOOD; NOT HOOLIGANS.
Bill Gates
BillGatesBill Gates

In the past 50yrs, innovation & generosity changed the lives of the world’s poorest. How would you extend the progress?

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  1. What is the #zeitgeist forward? My mother tells me many should retreat. She said something derogatory about #Hegel as did #JimSvejda @ClassicalKUSC “You don’t always have to go forward.” “What?” I said, “Repent?” “Yes.” She replied like a knowing fox. [In Praise of Older Women–Benjamin Franklin].

    • Give unto Caesar:
      #GaryOldman introduces #MottTheHoople @JonesysJukebox #Gaslight: It just seems like a British Invasion. #violets [it’s the only thing that’ll make you see sense.] This #American hears “[never] SURRENDER [DOROTHY]” re: #TheDarkestHour: #Yankee
      microsoftEdge: [we have an investment to protect] likes me, they like me so much they quarantine my tweets.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, isn’t that a bad word?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unable to participate in updates on for several days in February, 2017.

  4. johnrubens says:


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