Trump In CA, Kim Jong In Pyongyang; The Donald in Rancho Palos Verdes or Tijuana, Kim Jong Un, #skypes it in from La Jolla. #HideandSeek: A great children’s game. #RemoteLocations #BreakingEarthBordertoBorder

John Rubens @Skype opportunity
Subaru #LiveNation tomorrow! #luciddream: when I was five, classmates were lining up for innoculations in my backyard. I was scared and decided not to queue with the others, turned away. As soon as I did, blond MD with white coat began his pursuit. Although fast, legs ultra-slow

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Dear @JonesysJukebox: Attached is the beginning of my lucid dream when I was 5 years-old, before the MD chased me into the upper cubicle of our closet which was full of beach sand. #DalyCityCA 1963-1964. #GetOut  #JackLWilliamsDDS later had the fairy picture in his office w/wand.
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“Shorten it.”–Jennifer Hudson #TheVoice


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B.A. ; J.D. ; author of anti-novel "Skyscraper Heavens".;
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