The Moral Capacity To Appear At Mass @JonesyJukebox #Legend: JC is SJJ

JC: Shovel say my funeral.

SHOVEL: The eulogy?

JC: Is that all?

SHOVEL: Shame?

JC: What?!

SHOVEL: What do you want for your funeral Jonesy?


Still Thinking


JC: I never go to funerals.

PA: Let the dead bury their dead?


JC: What did Shakespeare say about death? “Does it sting?” What is that Shovel?

SHOVEL: [ignores Jones, seeking more clarity]

JC: What is that?

SHOVEL: I think that may be the Bible Jonesy, “[D]eath, where is thy sting?” From St. Paul.

JC: ‘Saint’ Paul?

SHOVEL: Lemmy’s in heaven Jonesy.

copyright John Rubens Sunday March 11, 2018 3+11+2018 = 7 “alternative facts”

Numerology as an alternative





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