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@JonesysJukebox: Best Birds Still Follow The Leader #TheWhiskeyAGoGo #ShangriLas (1964) #JohnFKennedyRIP

https://johnrubens.wordpress.com/2018/03/10/jonesysjukebox-best-birds-still-follow-the-leader-thewhiskey https://www.bing.com/search?q=the+leader+of+the+pack+song&form=EDNTHT&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&refig=4aa209823b274910ef7a7a115c0f3413&sp=-1&pq=undefined&sc=8-22&qs=n&sk=&cvid=4aa209823b274910ef7a7a115c0f3413 Advertisements

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#NoelGrayson #AriesDog #Trump #TheLeaderofThePack livelikeacraftsman.com @kcls

TRUMP: The Leader of the Pack  Shangri-Las (1964) https://johnrubens.wordpress.com/2018/03/10/noelgrayson-ariesdog-livelikeacraftsman-com-kcls [He turned around and smiled at me You get the picture “Yes, we see” That’s when I fell for the leader of the pack My folks were always putting him down … Continue reading

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#InternationalPutin: He’s relying on the world to connect. A Shifting of Leverage. I hope it’s not musical chairs on the security council. #TheHague? “No, Herbert Marcuse playbook.” @StarWars > #IranianRevolution See, #SkyscraperHeavens by yours truly with information from Professor Rahmat Mehraz.

John Rubens @raftofwater More #strangebedfellows: EU/CHINA/RUSSIA @themoscowtimes @megynkelly @PresidentRussia [private? What have I to do?] @PutinRF_Eng “And the wall comes down… .” Int’l law norms: “the #destroyers [in our midst internationally that:… 2) {threaten existence of Mother Russia}].” Putin International: … Continue reading

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