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See, The Messy Truth on CNN starring Van Jones with his special guest, the Governator, Arnold Schwartzenegger. @POTUS: Send @Schwartzennegger a messenger: @RichardTrumka #CoalMiner of old @AFLCIO Pay us to lie fallow. #pollution, @USDA balance prdct’n correction: “@Schwartzennegger” should read “@schwartzenegger” https://johnrubens.wordpress.com/2017/04/07/schwartzenegger-richardtrumka-potus-usda-messypollution-aflcio  

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How #MSM, #Lawyers and #Bureaucrats put a megaphone to a roaring mouse. #MSM: #TheMouseThatRoared #LeonardWibberley

The MSM made a big thing about #RonaldReagan saying “You’ve seen one tree you’ve seen them all.” #Foresight. John Rubens added, 0:10 U.S. Forest ServiceVerified account @forestservice Have you met Pando Forest? It’s actually one 13-million-pound clone made up of 47,000 … Continue reading

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