#Tortoise & Hare: Donald J. Trump: “What time-frame we talking about?”

Dear President Donald J. Trump:

In a flash mob democracy, does Hillary reign as Chief Tortoise?

THE DONALD: I think we’ve figured that out by now.

REPORTER:  What about her getting her foot in the media door every time there is derogatory news about your administration?

REPORTER 2:  Does she know secrets regarding some of these derogatory allegations?

THE DONALD: She doesn’t know much. She doesn’t know much…well I don’t know, ask her about Whitewater.  Ask her about Whitewater.  I don’t know.




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B.A. ; J.D. ; author of anti-novel "Skyscraper Heavens". https://johnrubens.wordpress.com; https://blogosphere45.blogspot.com
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