Maybe @newtgingrich is right, ‘#draintheswamp’ could get hijacked in a #flashmob. Provisional Trump Speech promoting “moral care–everyone involved” #ITSCOVERED100%!

DONALD J. TRUMP: …and how would you like to go down to the physical therapist, get a rub down and IT’S COVERED. 100% covered with your ON TIME premium. And you wouldn’t have to worry about tipping.  Did I mention? [PROMPTS AUDIENCE]:


TRUMP: 100%




Everyone Involved: Trump picks another card out of the Ronald Reagan deck. It’s more “communist” in a retro Richard Nixon mind than he’d like, but it’s not communism. Anyway, Nixon, McCarthy and Roy Cohn took it too far with the infiltration of the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities in the 1950’s.  “Drain the swamp” may or may not end up being another example of overkill.


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