The Class of 1976, #TheApathetics “It’s how it’s reported, stupid.” Anyone else notice how Trump’s “Forgotten [People]” became the darling of the establishment’s “hard working forgotten [people]”?

“Dude, you didn’t get registered for the draft man.”

“They would not accept it anyway.  I would have registered…ask me first. Wars are not equal.”


I have an idea for a movie bit:

MOBSTER: That’s business. [A mobster has his mark and slugs him in the belly as he says the line, “That’s business.”  The victim, a stereo-typical “partier” of the Boomer generation {coming of age in the 70’s (see, Boomers Up, No Excuse by et al., where diversity goes demographic)} slumps over in agony.  Out of breath, a nurse in a white Ratchet uniform and hat takes him away. This is updated form of the hook in vaudeville.



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