#MadScientistWritingContest Moral: Ask a kid. 2030-2050. Samples for creation and compilations #TRADOC: The World Can be a Deadly Playground. #BARRONTRUMP: That’s what my father said. JESUS: Call no man father, because you have one Father is in heaven. Matt. 23:9. #BARRON or one of his locker-room friends: You remind me of #Bozo, the Clown. #JESUS: I do? #BARRONTRUMP: No, not you, the bozo writing this stuff. https://johnrubens.wordpress.com/2017/01/26/the-world-is-a-deadly-playground-03-02-2007-notes-and-somnabulent-present

Only new money can access old money in the new economy.

Dark deepness–NecroNixon, “You’re getting warmer.”

“Destroy the evidence.”

OBAMA: My clone is going to show up about thirty years from now and I want you to welcome him, wherever he’s from geographically, and support him for President of the United States of America.  Make America Great Again!–[Time out for sports].

How to eat funny.

Triangle me friend–Christmas, 2016.

A Trump Presidency is feeling like I did before the first day of kindergarten, hopeful it would be lots of fun but was revealed in a lot of work.

Russian Roulette: Peace or Piece?

Cyber coaxes pre-conditioned millenials into “whatever”> [Time Machine] and points the finger when they don’t participate.  Antithesis of the “aftermath” of Sharon Tate et al.: Charles Manson Took The Heat for his family.

Marbury, Madison, Machiavelli

Blacktop Redneck

Meet The Press, wake up and go to war. 01-08-2017

Garden of Oz–as cannabis name strain

Whatever happened to “Scooter” Libby?



See also “Electrical Charges”


There is something to a transference–yes lightning strikes.  It was told they not only hit metal, but the tallest objects in the sky like kites and upright beings.

I got furious and the radio blinked.  Arlene Balin, my mother was enraged at a motel because my wife and I were late and moments later, a transformer blew and burst into flames.  I wonder if she “did it”? She acted proud. The flames grew with her mad delight.

https://blogosphere45.blogspot.com re: interference, conductors, radio waves, radar & companies/networks that provide/procure. Example in the “real” world: Northrup Grumman. Fictional: Change the names to protect integrity of company in science fiction.  Movies I’ve seen that use real names have permission [e.g., Pan Am].


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