You done did good, but so did Troy, so did Troy.

Fences, a play by August Wilson (1983); a film by Denzel Washington (2016).

Re: Umpires have potential. Potential means, “Ain’t worth a shit yet.”–Sports Commentator jargon 1987.

WHITE GUY: I don’t like it…these cameras everywhere, and then they have other people that look and they look at the videos…

BLACK GUY: And they still don’t get it right.

WHITE GUY: Yeah! Why bother if you’re still gonna get it wrong! Who knows who’s in the booth in New Y–

BLACK GUY: [Concerted look, stopping white guy mid-sentence {you got bias? You a cracker?}]

WHITE GUY: [Oops.]


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B.A. ; J.D. ; author of anti-novel "Skyscraper Heavens".;
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