The World is a Deadly Playground 03-02-2007. Notes From The Past and Somnabulent Present.

Wrath of the Unrest

Utley, they just couldn’t let him slide.

“Did we shout your name out loud?”


“Your mother did that.”

If there are legal systems there are illegal systems.

For Cheech & Chong: The law and marijuana don’t mix, that’s why the law is so fucked-up.” –Oct. 22, 2015

True blue and screw you.–08-10-2016

Mock-a-billy–the real Donald Trump.

Only new money can access old money in the new economy.

Dark deepness–NecroNixon, “You’re getting warmer.”

“Destroy the evidence.”

OBAMA: My clone is going to show up about thirty years from now and I want you to welcome him, wherever he’s from geographically, and support him for President of the United States of America.  Make America Great Again!–[Time out for sports].

How to eat funny.

Triangle me friend–Christmas, 2016.

A Trump Presidency is feeling like I did before the first day of kindergarten, hopeful it would be lots of fun but was revealed in a lot of work.

Russian Roulette: Peace or Piece?

Cyber coaxes pre-conditioned millenials into “whatever”> [Time Machine] and points the finger when they don’t participate.  Antithesis of t he “aftermath” of Sharon Tate et al.: Charles Manson Took The Heat for his family.

Marbury, Madison, Machiavelli

Blacktop Redneck

Meet The Press, wake up and go to war. 01-08-2017

Garden of Oz–as cannabis name strain

Whatever happened to “Scooter” Libby?



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