Today in history: Union forces drive Crittenden’s troops out of eastern Kentucky — 1 reply 0 retweets 0 likes Subjector ‏@raftofwater 45s46 seconds ago @AirForceTimes How will @twitter-like modulations affect future warfighting 2030-2050? #TRADOC #MadScientistInitiative Writing contest #land. Previous heading: [#MadScientistWritingContest #TRADOC Future of warfare 2030-2050, Fiction. Sample: May entail “fooling the five senses”.]

Devices like transmitters and vibrating clamp devices [wearables].

  • Offensive: Fool their five senses.
  • Defenses: Keep our six [esp], seven [collective unconscious] and eight [collective conscious] senses intact and vigorous.


The growth of twitter outpaces general “internet” communication trends?  A trendsetter after Google. Information v. hard currency disparate[s]?  Like 60’s B/W television’s #OuterLimitsIntro: “We control… .” modulations in warfare. disabling the 5 senses. Stun or otherwise incapacitate.


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