There Exist the #Wearables of which #RodSerling’s #TwilightZone and #NHKWorld Speak via @KCET #VibratingClamp for deaf, other deficienc[ies].

@INXS #SuicideBlonde She’s good, let’s face it. Fictional Michael Hutchence. #MichaelHutchence @djmelissamaxx Not a playlist recommendation. limits-60stelevision-this-is-not-an-ad-this-is-war Catch 22: APAN authored Release [Must have All Partners Access [Network] APAN You’re welcome. Thank y’all for your service! Thank you for your service. John Rubens

via @USArmy #TRADOC #ModernWarInstituteatWestPoint #MadScientistWritingContest Deadline: 02-15-2017 Warfare issues 2030-2050 — John Rubens, Critic


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B.A. ; J.D. ; author of anti-novel "Skyscraper Heavens".;
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