Data-driven today is conceptually driven tomorrow. #BigData

#BloombergBusinessWeek Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2016 50, 55

Re: What is the expectation of privacy in an exploitative, manipulative world? data-driven today is conceptually driven tomorrow. #BigData

Defenders of social media monitoring tools [like twitter’s Firehoses] point out that the information being gathered has been posted publicly by users of social networks and carries no [sic] expectation of privacy. “The purpose of social media is to share,” says Phil Harris, CEO of Geofeedia [id. at 55].

So he takes your labor you’ve produced without remuneration, although many of us have a reasonable expectation to receive compensation, and sells our labor to a third party for profit. That is the definition of unjust enrichment…or is it merely treasure trove?

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