White Men Are No Longer Needed

15 Year Olds, or

the alternatives:

The legal basis for statutory rape was originally to suppress underage pregnancies.

LT. GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: Yeah? Who are the women going to want to look at?

JOHN: Who are the men going to look at?

LT. GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: Exactly.  Citizenville, are you in or out?

JOHN: Our domicile is Arizona. AnalogMan Joe Walsh.

LT. GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: Remember John, the women.

JOHN: Yeah, I saw the video you starred in as Vice Grip.  Who was that guy that followed after you on your coattails? Some guy on CNN or NBC was so self-righteous making a show of how he was making children and women safe in America and around the world.  Anyway, I forgot his name.  There’s a new American Dream guy on Don Lemon’s show calling Anthony Weiner a “pervert” for flirting with a fifteen year old young woman. America’s puritan roots are showing.


JOHN: Until the servers take over?  What if R2D2 doesn’t like my online searches and perusings?

LT. GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM:  You have the right to remain silent, you know that.  I just don’t think a guy like Weiner can carve out an egg-shell skull rule exception for himself and check into a clinic for sex addiction and that’s it, end of story.

JOHN: I don’t have much of an expectation of privacy to my texts and tweets.  If they–YOU–Governor, want it…you’ll have to ask someone…who will say yes or “not right now.” Someday, the information is leaked. I’ve seen the breaches first-hand.


JOHN: Thanks–gov’na. Oh, gov-na?


JOHN: If I have to have a prostate exam again…


JOHN: Can I choose a female doctor?  They have small fingers and provide feedback.

LT. GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: [smiling] Don’t push it.  We can hire who can do the job as specified to benefit the citizens.

JOHN: I give up. Take me in.

LT. GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM: You didn’t think you’d get the last word did you?

JOHN: U’D bedda hope Kamala Harris wins.

[NEWSOM & JOHN have a moment]

JOHN: I like her better.

GAVIN NEWSOM: John, it’s taken care of .

JOHN: You didn’t think you’d get the last word. Are you Catholic?


Read CitizenvilleHow To Take the Town Square Digital, by Gavin Newsom (2013).  See also, Demian (1919) by Hermann Hesse wherein the characters reveal right off the bat things that through “small talk”, take a long time to arrive.


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