@KennyPolcari Dear Kenny: I think we’re going through a “toleration-intolerant” phase of society, experimenting with formerly taboo practices of homosexuality and pot-smoking, for instance, as new norms. #Weiner

It used to be we’d sue and sue but after Enron, it doesn’t pay to get rich if the taxing authorities tend to take what they want anyway if a taxpayer crosses the tolerance line. Working with the government and not against them is another new norm.  Hillary/Nixon full circle?  Both were Methodists I think.  My English teacher was said to be a Methodist.  He didn’t like Michael Crichton.

Grey Areas–EWTN production of Saul Alinsky and George Bernard Shaw’s “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” group intimates the group live in the grey areas between black and white (see also, Relativism).

The EWTN academic version of the Catholic perspective of the wolves in sheep’s clothing may be true. But I’ve noticed the election is gladiatorial, at least in part.  I used to get vicarious thrills out of baseball and throwing insults at Hillary Clinton if only to make her stronger in the end and because my tweets were never derogatory if she was not the front runner to win.

One newscaster asked her, “So it’s yours to lose?”

Hillary responded with a slow, conscious nod, a bowed head and then brought up high and held there.

The point is: Is there going to be a wall? Where does society with a government or nation of laws draw the lines? A government of laws would rather not draw them but a nation of laws might like them for ease of prosecution.




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