@ForeignAffairs Nov/Dec 2016 “What I’ve Read So Far: A Progress Report.” #BruceWillis

Dear ForeignAffairs.com/about-us:

One or two things have been left out of the current issue which is a shame because it would fit in like “dark matter” amidst all the manure and light.  Things could really grow if we knew about our American-based mobsters instead of learning about mafiosi from or based in isolated countries like Syria, Turkey and States of the former Soviet Union. I’m probably averse to reading about the American mob anyway.  Eye of the storm.  I haven’t even read “Ergodan’s Journey: Conservatism and Authoritarianism in Turkey” [Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec 2016 p. 121] or “Egypt’s Nightmare: Sisi’s Dangerous War on Terror” [ibid. at 110] yet.

“Maybe it’s me. It must be me.”–Bruce Willis.


John Rubens, Reader




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