Concession Speech: @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton When the #FatLadySings [skit] @SNL

DONALD TRUMP: [to audience] This doesn’t end with #Election2016 folks.  We’ve occupied [applause] we’ve occupied the old U.S. Post Office Building, Trump Tower, Washington D.C. The first federal building ever financed and built for use by the Federal Government, for the Federal Government [mild applause].  No, we’re [Trump Enterprises] not going away folks.  Hillary has promised to work with me–she the Methodist and me the Presbyterian, right?  We’re going to work together, in Washington [cut to Megyn Kelly] or, wherever [uncomfortable laughter, crowd to follow Megyn Kelly’s reaction, applause and/or approbation, no apparent reaction, or “whatever”].

So folks, let’s stand together–work and play together [enthusiastic applause from millennials]–to serve America by taking care of it…and asking [points heavenward] Him to continue to bless us [points to his heart, maybe his wife and children and/or in-laws follow suit, pointing to their hearts].

HILLARY CLINTON:  Well Donald, I accept your kind and gracious concession speech [Loud and Lengthy Applause]. If America transforms as fast as Donald has, many of its current problems will soon be non-existent! [skeptical, hopeful applause] But in any event, in any event together, together by the end of my term [applause] or terms [Loud Applause-exeunt].



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