@RyanLochte It was #performanceart #FreeNationalParks [This weekend only] #PayUpTwitter, Unsolicited @ClassicalKUSC @BrianKUSC

Dear Ryan:

I’m a suspended attorney in Los Angeles. I was having a bloody mary and thought the breaking of the mirror as performance art considering Operation Car Wash and you being at a service station.

Hermann Hesse wrote his masterpiece Steppenwolf in which the protagonist breaks a mirror and starts laughing at his reflection.  So serious…[perspectives]…so hilarious. Laugh at oneself.

I viewed the film Animal House for the first time at Santa Clara University School of Law as a transfer student my second year. I was playing rugby and we appeared in the talent show.  Something similar happened as the show was dull. Sometimes we spice it up where it’s far from appropriate, but it’s worth it in the end to live and tell the tale.

Make funny.–Sigmund Freud

Who are you?–The Who

We have a magic theater inside us, let Jesus take the helm. –Hermann Hesse & John Rubens





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