#TheForgottenAmericans…There’s Something to that. #RichardMilhausNixon @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump Strikes Again and #necronixon approves. Ask Patti about her father.

Let’s start, for instance, at wounded knee.


A Film, and a book from the 70’s we studied at San Carlos High School through the Ilios “Indians” course.

Yes, we did things back then. I was a participant, not ordinarily an organizer except in my capacity as the older brother of the family. [We got some Playboy magazines from our uncle in law and his brother and started the “Playboy Club” and began to collect dues to buy a ping-pong table.  It got warped from the rain and the members got angry. My sister wasn’t allowed in the club to look at the Playboys so we disbanded. I returned the dues proportionally. Any discrepancy was eaten {only a few cents} by yours truly].



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