Make mistakes if you have to due to your choices, be generous and compassionate–Margaret Thatcher

We want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. – Margaret Thatcher



















































Semua orang tidak perlu menjadi malu karena pernah berbuat kesalahan, selama ia menjadi lebih bijaksana daripada sebelumnya. – Al #











Ahora es más fácil conseguir las HoloLens, incluso, una edición para empres…































RBI single for ! 7-0 !



























Yo! RBI single! 6-0 ! 💪








    1. Culture Retweeted LeadingNFL

      How Steve Smith’s old ass on there and not Allen Robinson, Doug Baldwin, Eric Decker, Allen Hurns, Kelvin Benjamin..

      Culture added,













































  • John Matthew Rubens Retweeted Dakota Meyer

    I don’t remember what Trump said about Mr. Khan, only what he said about Mrs. Khan.

    John Matthew Rubens added,


























May I have 5 guesses? 😀😄












  • These two are going head to head in the first matchup of Round 2. Vote! RT for Yard Darts or LIKE for lawn bowling.













John Matthew Rubens added,






















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