#Sistema: #Russian for the #System #BlackLivesMatter: “It starts and ends with us!” #affirmativeaction: They have a point. Blacks are sliding as “#Diversity” in schools and perhaps the Federal govt. take away hiring spots. #nativeamericans #africanamericans #hispanics #women and others. Hopefully the main shortfall in affirmative action is for the african-americans whose descendants arrived before 1965.

I was born in 1958. By 1965 in the San Francisco Bay Area, in many ways blacks had it better because they earned their freedom there. It’s like the Black Panthers beat us up in a fist fight and we didn’t want no more fist fighting.

But see, San Carlos High School, 1972-73 school year.  I didn’t attend. Went to a different school my Freshman year of high school.



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