Veterans, Our Heritage

Our beleaguered veterans have fought and travailed too hard to be swept aside by so-called “globalism”. What did the soldiers conceive they were signing up for? At the very least it was the U.S. Constitution, its values and protections. I saw a WWII Veteran walking with his baseball-style ship cap yesterday; he was not a happy camper. Let us not leave him aside to fend for himself now. He is entitled to every dignity we can offer him.—including a “free” hover-round, rations and shelter if he needs it (this guy didn’t, ten years ago he could have beaten me to a pulp). Yes he can stay at my apartment for a few days or a week, then it’s someone else’s turn (I hope).


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B.A. ; J.D. ; author of anti-novel "Skyscraper Heavens".;
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