Please President Putin, Have Mercy on US

Jesus must have been a formidable adversary; kill Him and He comes back at you with a sword. “Mohammed, I presume?”

Jesus’ Traits as Escape Artist:

He was often mentioned evading his enemies like the Pharisees [flee evil].

Like his ancestor David, he was probably trained in the martial arts which included sneaking around undetected. Flight has its advantages over combat. In the end he was caught, but he seemed relaxed and overcame the world. Then came the Pussy Riot. Vladimir Putin has the power to unleash the Riot on US. Will he do it or tuck them in tight, wash their head strings then hand them over to Madonna and Sting for exhibition?

President Putin, have mercy on US.



ge urges US

Julian Assange urges the US to end its “witch-hunt” on Wikileaks, in his first public statement since entering Ecuador’s London embassy in June. 1254

Anti-Japan protests across China

Anti-Japanese protests take place in cities across China after Japanese nationalists raised their country’s flag on disputed islands.

Pakistan girl ‘desecrated Koran’

Police in Pakistan arrest an 11-year-old Christian girl on suspicion of blasphemy after she was accused of desecrating pages of the Koran.


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