I still haven’t meditated or read the bible today.






So that’s why the Methodists give me two minutes before the hour to prepare.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord.==Godspell

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My Plan: Have a Modelo Negra and BY 3 sh. SNDL at market.

Cheers for February 23, 2021


John and Lucia Rubens

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Make A New Life For Yourself In Bullhead City, Arizona #DesertAnimals

“Not all of us are river rats…but we reserve the right to be so inclined from time to time.”

“Neighbors!”–The Rolling Stones

“If you’re still young enough to play golf and ride an electric cart.”

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#Plotkin & #Trump: “The Final Countdown”–#europa “I’m confused: ‘The Enron Task Force’.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Weissmann

I don’t think [attorney Plotkin] would leave a lucrative private practice [to join a team investigating Trump’s activities in New York for possible prosecution by the Southern District of New York and/or other authorities seeking remedies].–Andrew Weissmann

There was a large woman prosecutor from the Enron Task Force that I thought was his boss. Then I thought he was her boss and I know she led the criminal division of Justice at some point. I’m confused.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Weissmann “You sure are confused–you’re supposed to be.”–Big Lady Honcho

compilation copyright

John Rubens

February 19, 2021

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Can You Blame Us for Riding a Bull…Or A Bear For That Matter?

House Financial Committee Hearing on GAMESTOP events of the week of January 24-29, 2021.

DISCLOSURE: Bought about 12 shares of SNDL this morning, February 18, 2021.

Riding a bear is pretty dumb unless I’m wrestling the poor thing.

Arbitrage @MaxineWaters Commissions pay for a better price. penny stocks could be manipulated by price for commission even more. @reddit things change. @Robinhoodapp was a #middleentity in return for lack of “commission”? #payment4orderflow


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Dear @JimCramer: I looked at my stock portfolio and saw you jabbing…at Europe? “Unleash the hounds!” #TheHoundOfTheBaskervilles

Are we going to buy Europe? What would Russia say?

“Dude, you’re getting too cocky.”

“That’s what Germany might say.”

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#DogWhistles are Fair Game #FOP #Everyman “Everyone!” “Write your own poem.” #CancelSociety “You’re fired!” #Apprentice #MarkBurnett “You’re not acquitted.”

Bruce Castor is an Everyman and I like him.

subtext: This is what happens when you’re unprepared.

Due Process for

Insatiable Lust

compilation copyright February 9, 2021

John Rubens

subtext for Adam Schiff to take the mantle from mass media letting Trump show a newspaper saying the perhaps inappropriate word, what do I know? “AQUITTED”

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If I could afford @Qualcomm, I’d buy another share. #Gateway


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Dear God: Am I right?

GOD: You’re not right. You don’t want to be the butt of a Wall Street joke.

ME: They won’t listen to me?

GOD: Stick with me kid, anything can be possible. Jesus really did walk on water. One of my favorite achievements.

Speculative Fiction by John Rubens

February 8, 2021

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#DriversEd #CarlmontHighSummerSchool 1974

Driving on Eucalyptus Ave.

COACH/Driver’s Ed Instructor, Former Quarterback

GRADER/Chaperone: “Watch your speed. Watch your speed… . Watch your speed. WATCH YOUR SPEED!”

ME with 3 other guys: [Yaowza]

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