#DodgerDogs @ampm #GoingRight

MR. BARTHOLOMEW: “[T]he futility of individual effort.]” John Houseman to James Caan as JONATHAN E in Rollerball (1975), a film by Norman Jewison, screenplay by William Harrison.

“When you’re down, and troubled, and you need a helpin’ hand, and nothin’, no nothin’ is going right. Have yourself a Dodgerdog, and every thing’ll be alright.”

JAMES TAYLOR:  Hey, I didn’t sing that.

CAROLE KING: Close your eyes and think of me, and soon I will be there to brighten up even your darkest nights.

JESUIT PRIEST: Other than evocative manifestations of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which I hope is taking center stage in your young hearts, what does this song, “You’ve Got A Friend” by Carole King mean to you today?

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@POTUS: Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Other than confronting an emblazoned, not emboldened, Kim Jong Un [Eisenhower last man up], Opposition coalition[s] attacked Nixon, Nancy and Ronnie Reagan with more militant hatred.

Rose the Republican was right. They are like gods. I still do not worship them. Obey a default choice.



UC under Janet Napolitano follows UVA lead [Charlottesville, Jefferson, The Bank of Italy?]

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#KIMJONGUN: Ping pong Donald?

: : “This is all part of my ‘ vs. ‘ lesson. Herbert Marcuse–I read him. There are many, many alternatives.  And I say to Leader Kim Jong Un: Any time, any place. Why don’t you come to Mar al Lago for a triathalon of golf, tennis and table tennis? I think I’ll win at least two out of three.  I’m a pretty good golfer Kimbo.”

KIM JONG UN: You come to Pyongyang, we both give speech to benevolent peoples, see who gets adored, and don’t call me ‘Kimbo’.

DONALD J. TRUMP: I don’t speak Korean.

KIM JONG UN: It’s like Chinese–kind of.

DONALD J. TRUMP: Tang So Do? Can I bring Chuck Norris?

KIM JONG UN: Bring Chuck Norris.  We like him too.  Team sports.  The man in the arena, yes. But the spectators too. The spectators. What was that on Rollerball? VoyeurVision? Brave New World, “feelies” Donald, feelies?  Ever held one of our women Donald? Ever hold a North Korean?

HONEST ABE: Watch it Donald.  You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.


BILL O’REILLY: Yeah. [Looks at Crichton like Jack Nicholson looked at Muhammad Ali after the 911 coordinated terrorist attack by mostly if not all, Muslims].

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?: That’s why we have the ‘audience poll’ option. Democracy is flawed, but it is a very small flaw and rarely comes up.



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#Extremism: “Slice them up and feed them to the dogs.”

#SCOTUS: That’s specific enough.

Ban the Psalms?


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Houston Texans…extremists? #PlayerQuotes #HTNFLplayerquote Our Defense Includes: Cheerleaders in Streetclothes That Will Kick Your Ass! @HoustonTexans

Defense: We

DEFENSE CAPTAIN  [televised]: As far as defense goes, the sky’s the limit.

COMMENTATOR: Now I assume that means being on defense, you don’t want to step on the toes of the offensive leadership.

DEFENSE CAPTAIN: You said it, not me.

COMMENTATOR: Okay, let’s change the subject, well, not completely.  You’re one of the most respected men not only on the defensive squad, but in all of Houston as well.  Why do people admire you?

DEFENSE CAPTAIN: Can I tell you a secret?


DEFENSE CAPTAIN: It’s true what that song says, “Treat her like a lady”–she’ll be good back.

COMMENTATOR: Cheerleaders? “They pick you up when you’re feelin’ blue?”

DEFENSE CAPTAIN: “Now how ’bout you?”

COMMENTATOR: Lynyrd Skynyrd by the way for you bean counters at ascap.

[HTC Cheer walks out in street clothes, after an introduction, we see three screens, one JUMBOTRON screen to the center, and two 60% of its size to the left and right].

PAGEANT ANNOUNCER [GILBERT GOTTFRIED?]: Wrap them in pompoms if nothing else!–Marilyn Monroe aka Norma Jean Mortenson.  “Did Joe really put roses on my grave?”

SALLY FIELD: Yes Norma, he did.

MONROE: Was he happy Sally, was he happy?

FIELD: Mr. Coffee? Yes Marilyn, he was very happy when he could give what you had between you flowers on top.

Cheerleaders in street clothes.


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The Lucky Penny https://blogosphere45.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-lucky-bingo-penny-epluribusunum.html [From #Bingo Story]



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Shabat Shalom: See, I’m not joking about politics.

: Not everyone can be a hippie. You saw what happened. Well, most of you anyway, about half, okay. I have nothing against hippies. 🤔


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I just ate a dozen ripe Bing cherries.  Twelve is not that much to start as seed or end up as pits.  Jesus’ words/works are profound on an earthly basis.



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The Seeds of Change

Tweet text

 “Never say never Mr. President.”  “What? Where’s Daniel Day Lewis?” PB:  and I scared him off.” TY


correction: “PB: @guypearce and I scared him off. TY” should read: “PIERCE BROSNAN: ‘@guypearce and I scared him off.’ Thanks Guy.”


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One Day The People Who Doubted You Will Be The Ones Who Want To Tell Everyone How They Met You.–#JohnnyDepp

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