For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. Ps. 36:9

Jesus at Cana in gospels: [Woman, my time has not yet come]; “Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.” John 2:4 KJV

Negative thinking translation: “Typical woman.” Wine as source of blood at birth, sacrifice at crucifixion, inebriation, and sin.

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@FCC @StateBarCA Re: #ProfessionalismMatters #CoLaw #SpecialCounsel

I have been noticed by TWITTER today by email that I have had interactions with accounts related to Russian propaganda during the period preceding the 2016 election for President.

In the past, I have been rude on the internet and some might have considered my tweets malicious.  I have found most often misunderstandings were due to tone or linguistics.  Sometimes I use reverse psychology or “negative thinking” which many find malicious in itself.  Depends on the goal.

Like Yuval Noah Hariri said at his UC Santa Barbara lecture for The SAGE Center: “[We are evolving rapidly, we can see it.]”

Response to Jon Seipp of PBC Guru: Re: Spaced Learning and State Bar Exams

Sorrowfully, it’s like being an upper classpersons who has gone through the pains, and now the underclasspersons have to go through the initiation and pain.  The universities take money and time for three to four years.  To “practice law” one must pass an exam and be admitted separately for every jurisdiction, state and federal in which one seeks to practice unless you are granted special permission [with a latin name, like pro hac vice, for example] to appear in court for a limited time.

I’ve read the tweets personally address to me from the President of the Los Angeles County Bar.  In one tweeted he “didn’t care” if the initial preparatory education is shortened before the Bar Exam is administered.  Probably, this is the more logical course, to shorten preparatory 3 yr regimen but keep Multi-State Continuing Legal Education [hereinafter MCLE].  Continuing Legal Education [CLE in some states] is partially a market decision’s play for as you say, form over substance reasons i.e., educators, schools, examiners, regulators and the affiliated apparatus which remarkably, is dominated by publishers.  State Bar regulated continuing legal education also reinforces contacts with regulatory arms of government, such as the Supreme Court and/or Legislature depending on the jurisdiction.  Employment issues and sheer numbers of aspirants will probably not dominate the number of lawyers hired no matter which change the American Bar Association makes, if any.  In any event, students will probably be just as plentiful for institutions, professors and tutors.  In France, there are many law students but few Maitres [lawyers].

If it wasn’t Saturday, I could continue but it’s time to relax.  We are watching The Filthy Rich Guide on CNBC.  It’s funny.

I noticed your firm is from MD.  How can I find out more about the structure of PBC Guru?


John Rubens

Warren College ’81


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


From: Jon Seipp
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2018 1:48 AM
To: John Rubens
Subject: Re: How We Learn – The Power of Spacing


Hi John,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Those kinds of exams certainly don’t seem very helpful to me. I wonder how much of it is related to spacing and how much to learning for the exams themselves. Do you think spaced learning would be a good method if it wasn’t geared towards an exam?




On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 5:14 PM, John Rubens <> wrote:

Dear Jon:

Thank you for your letter.  Here is how I responded after reading the article located from the link you provided.  I suppose I should credit the writers but I wanted to send my feedback so far on How We Learn, “Spaced Learning”.




John Rubens


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


From: Jon Seipp
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2018 4:11 PM
Subject: How We Learn – The Power of Spacing


Hi John,

Hopefully you have your copy of How We Learn by now and have started reading!


This week I wanted to share an article about “spacing” which is one of the most powerful concepts introduced in How We Learn. In simple terms, spacing is the idea that spreading out learning over time is more effective for long term understanding than cramming all at once. Achieving this isn’t always easy but a lot of research supports this as an optimal learning strategy.


Check out the article here ( and feel free to share your thoughts about using spacing in the Online Forum (


All the best,

Professional Book Club Guru




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#Sophocles, #Socrates #Plato #Aristotle Game*mede #Sisyphus wasn’t told about the algorithm to beat the curse. @VinScullyTweet @TommyLaSorda “Ya gotta live life son. Sissy’s don’t get there. Take a risk before you get to the top. It’s lonely at the top.”

I coulda been noticed but I saw the women after they suffered through , as they used to say. Didn’t take U.S. History in school either. Took an intro to instead. : : A Brief History of Tomorrow. Ya gotta live life son

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Hard to Fake Chemistry

@raftofwater @twitter replying to

Our professor told us in 1980, “If there’s one thing I want you to remember about this course, it’s that ‘statistics lie’.” Reason: advertising, self-interest, .

#Algorithms: “[Now you know; what are you going to do about it?]”–#YuvalNoahHariri, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Professor of History. His book, #HOMODEUS: The History of Tomorrow, promotional lecture @ucsantabarbara Sponsored by the #SAGE Center.

Been at school all day… 🍎 📚 can’t wait to shake it up and dance tonight at 7pm in the Houston Methodist Training Center w/ my Back to my chemistry class now 😂

 Global Warming? No just ’round Houstontown. ZZTop
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Seven Days In May–#FallIntoPlace

Fall from Grace. “Whatcha gonna do?”

#FallIntoPlace #StableGenius is no reprobate.

Re: Grace as binding agent–everywhere is possible


“Seven Days In May” refers to a latent debate between Yale Law Professor Laurence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz of Columbia University.  See also the title, Seven Days In May.

copyright[s] reserved

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#CrosbyStillsNashandYoung @JonesysJukebox: Is there meaning[s] in Deja-Vu’s? @SFGate Psalm 33

He gathered the waters of the sea together as an heap: he layeth up the depth in storehouses. Let all the earth fear the LORD: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.  For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast.

Psalm 33:7-9

John Rubens Retweeted SFGate

I have a recurring dream of a similar seascape, but the water is sea green and so warm you can feel the humidity, smell the heat and dread the surf.

John Rubens added,

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Wallie Dove

RECRUIT: I don’t like it when the drill sergeant says, “I’m only going to tell you once” or “I’m only going to show you this once.”

STANDARD GI: You’ll learn to get used to it.  Got to learn to take consequences in stride.


WALLIE DOVE [DRILL SGT.]: I’ve heard that you’ve heard the scuttlebutt that unpleasantness, which can lead to poor morale, is skirting its way up your training wheels and legs.

WOMAN ARMY DOCTOR: HUH-HUM [WALLIE’S coterie is not all men].

WALLIE DOVE: [Looks at his superior in rank, smiles playfully perhaps, but takes new tone, that of an actor, Charles Bronson conversing with Jan Michael Vincent].

‘You’re either dead right–or dead’. Charles Bronson to Jan Michael Vincent. Who can tell me the movie? [no response] The first one to tell me gets to pick the next movie Friday night.

copyright John Rubens 01-18/2018


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ZZ Top Greatest Hits via @YouTube “You can’t make this *hit up.” @TexansCheer. #hitsandgiggles #SharpDressedMan #HoustonReigns “Wanna fight all night?” #KISS: Why not? Condie? “I wanna go all night full bore.”

The Hoover Institution and #NeverMindTheBullocks. #SexPistols & KISS Bromance

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#NegativeThinking, or eliminating the wrong answers first. Kind of like looking for a mate. #Sex and #DiscriminatingTastes

There’s a 1960 movie about a German gymnasium teacher who falls for a showgirl and is made the fool. Not many blacks in the movie. Slaughtering , harboring . had a demonstrative show from Urban Black radio on USA composite: natives, slaves, immigrants @CNNDonLemon re: Urban Black Radio #natives #slaves #immigrants If slaves are not immigrants, what about guests, or permanent residents or DACAs? #DreamersHaveTakenOver #algorithms #TheRich: “They don’t talk back.” “Behind your back they do.”

originating tweets:



jon gabriel Retweeted Dana Roc

He’s a moose.

jon gabriel added,



Get your financial house in order. TD Ameritrade’s retirement consultants can help you through the process.



وتعظمُ في عين الصغير صغارها وتصغر في عين العظيم العظائم للمتنبي



So President Obama is 6’ 1” and Trump is supposed to be 6’3”. Does everyone in administration just straight out Lie about everything



Congratulations on being selected as a finalist for the Best SME Security Solution award!



What is data breach? – Definition from



So, Are Trump’s Fake News Awards Actually Happening?



CDC Flu Update: H3N2 Viruses Continue to Predominate



WATCH LIVE: White House press briefing underway as deadline to fund the federal government looms



Reporter: Does the White House stand by D. Jackson’s report on President Trump’s health? : “We support what he said yesterday 100%, that the president is in excellent health.”



. on Sen. Jeff Flake’s floor speech: “He’s not criticizing the president because he’s against oppression. He’s criticizing the president because he has terrible poll numbers. He is, I think, looking for some attention. I think it’s unfortunate.”



For film lovers. By film lovers. FilmStruck offers exclusive streaming access to the Criterion Collection. Start your free trial today!



Crypto fools buy even Joke Cryptocurrencies… Next week someone will launch ShitCoin backed with cows’ manure…



CDC Flu Update: Seasonal Activity Continues to Increase Infection Control Today



The Punditry of Shithole Thinking says LA Progressive –



Remembering actress Katy Jurado on her birthday!





I hope that the New California/California split occurs. Cut their electoral votes. No longer would one state rule over the other 49.



BREAKING: Bans Users Under Pressure From Their Foreign Governments: “We Do That a Lot for China”



Try the #1 BI platform for FREE. Power up your Excel data in minutes!



العمر لحظة … وبعض اللحظات … عمر



❄️ICED IN❄️ So I’m sneaking JUST 1 goat cheese and honey macaroon into my diet Back to training tomorrow💪🏼



BREAKING: Broadcom is under investigation by the FTC – source



BREAKING: Broadcom is under investigation by the FTC – source



Andy Richter Retweeted thiccc wife defender

If this were the case we would have had white slaves

Andy Richter added,



Oroville to file suit against California for 2017 dam failure





🚨GREAT NEWS! “Apple says it will contribute $350 billion in the US economy over the next 5 years”



Foot : Ronaldinho, ancienne star du Brésil et du FC Barcelone, prend (officiellement) sa retraite



As Congress continues to drag its feet on passing the Dream Act, the future for thousands of Dreamers remains painfully uncertain. Tell Congress enough is enough — it’s time to pass the . 📞 Call your GOP senator now:



New LDS leadership team cranks up a latter-day patriarchy:



Secretary Tillerson and ‘s FM co-hosted the Vancouver Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on Security & Stability on the Korean Peninsula to demonstrate international solidarity against ’s illegal nuclear & ballistic missile programs.

Secretary Tillerson poses for a family photo with his counterparts at the Vancouver Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula in Vancouver, Canada, on January 17, 2018.



: Energy bulls are back, but for how long? We drill down into opportunities in the sector:



Storytelling startup Wattpad raises $51M



Malmo City Library Interior from the Calendar of Light. Photo Joakim Raboff



Replying to

There’s also the implied idea older waves didn’t accomplish anything. The “first wave” brought us … voting rights for women! Not too shabby.



Terrorism funding suspect arrested in Norwich



Steve Bannon was being asked about some of the claims that he’s made about this administration and the president’s family asks Sanders: Can you define what the White House is telling attorneys, falls into the scope of executive privilege?



Read in on what future generations are going to be asking about one of the great moral atrocities of the current one



Why do people who love dogs and cats so routinely and casually support and enable the mass slaughter and torture of pigs, cows, and lamb? Because they steadfastly refuse to face the suffering and cruelty they are causing. That’s the only explanation. They turn away.



I make this point not out of sanctimony but out of personal experience & regret: as I devoted myself to dog rescue, I consumed meat – because I turned away from the suffering & cruelty I was enabling. Only by facing it – thanks to brave activists – could I see the inconsistencies



Robbing a Country



Meet the New Kid on the Block: Run a mix of 100+ VM’s and Containers from your Home/Office and Deploy each in 10s!



Michigan State’s Attempt To Weasel Out of Responsibility For Dr. Larry Nassar’s Crimes is Pretty Disgusting via



Richard Grenell Retweeted CNBC Now

Stock market surging higher, US companies investing billions into economy and raising wages for US workers. Thanks,

Richard Grenell added,



margaret brennan Retweeted The Associated Press

. says this was standard practice & past administrations even put a WH attorney in the room; in Bannon’s case the WH relayed via phone & this is likely to happen again

margaret brennan added,



Do pirates like the sea because it waves at them?



New series of large-scale ceramics by Jared FitzGerald will be on view soon for the season opening of FitzGerald Fine Arts, Southampton. Early showings/ private views by appointment available at FitzGerald Fine Arts, 41 Greene Street!



One year ago, CJR Editor and Publisher wrote an open letter to President Trump



Rex Tillerson’s final remarks at Vancouver Ministerial– Our nations repeated a unified message: we will not accept a nuclear-armed . We must remain united on sustaining pressure until takes concrete steps toward and ultimately reaches denuclearization.

Secretary Tillerson Speaks During a Press Availability after the Vancouver Ministerial on North Korea on January 16.



Visitor Management – Top 8 reasons you need it. –



John Rubens Retweeted UC

RT’s are not endorsements [subtext: I don’t want your jobs].

John Rubens added,



Dolores O’Riordan’s life partner and bandmate Olé Koretsky mourns singer: “My heart is broken and it is beyond repair”



The best of CBS – live and on demand. Try CBS All Access FREE!



WATCH LIVE: White House press briefing:



Tell you what If you don’t understand what black people are angry about Paint your face black Go demonstrate about some injustice See if the cops are different to you Then think about it



Thank you for your leadership, .



“We now know that some 800,000 DACA recipients are getting their education, some are in the military. They’re the talent that our country should retain & not deport. They deserve some certainty about their futures & it’s time for Congress to act.”—UC Pres. Napolitano



Aetna customers whose HIV statuses were revealed through windowed envelopes will receive a $17 million settlement, their lawyers say



Struggle Within Subconscious – Self-Destructive Behavior – Alchemy



PODCAST: Research’s Heath Terry on ICOs and other trends shaping today’s venture capital markets:



Dr. Jackson: “I had absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability, or his neurological function. So, I was not going to do a cognitive exam…The reason that we did [it] is, plain & simple, asked me to do it.”



Vinyl buffs, Smorgasburg LA’s brand-new Record Fair is your next jam.



The White House holds the daily press briefing after today’s explosive report on Stormy Daniels. Watch live here.



Get ready for the press to attack Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson and his credibility





B-52 bombers join B-2s, B-1s in Guam for second time in history





How Sweatpants Changed My Whole Game



Mark Dice Retweeted Ken Dilanian

This NBC ‘News’ reporter wants to fat-shame President Trump on live TV by having him do a public weigh-in like on The Biggest Loser! 😆 NBC: Nothing But Crap.

Mark Dice added,



Kirstjen Nielson rolling her eyes at Cory Booker is all you really need to know about what the White House thinks of Congress. Is there anyone in this WH who is temperamentally fit to be in office?



UC Retweeted The CSU

UC added,


35m35 minutes ago


A key change between the Trump/Obama admins’ strategy is Strategic Patience when it comes to battlefield successes. Obama admin showed more interest in gaining PR victories than in gaining tactical or strategic intelligence victories. –



Goldman investors rattled by latest plunge in bond trading



Dept of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen is testifying before Congress that we are being too nice to unaccompanied child immigrants. This woman is awful. She’s John Kelly in blouse.


Jan 16


There are Now 5 US Representatives who have announced their intentions of boycotting Trump’s State of the Union Address. – John Lewis – Frederica Wilson – Earl Blumenauer – Maxine Waters – Pramila Jayapal Show your support for these 5 TRUE Americans with a RETWEET!



LIVE: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders briefs the media



There is no legal basis in which the White House can instruct witnesses like Steve Bannon to refuse broad categories of questions before our committee. We must insist on answers.



“To save one life is to save all humanity.” — Quran & Torah Woman saves man as he attempts suicide. This is powerful. Bless her. I pray he gets the support he needs and deserves







Swedish electronic music duo The Knife released their critically acclaimed second album Deep Cuts 15 years ago. How many times have you scrobbled songs off the album? 👇


23h23 hours ago


Just Wow!! Booker’s emotions have boiled to the surface. What an awesome statement! Senator Cory Booker speaking up after DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen remained silent about Trump’s “Shithole” remarks. Booker Needs to Run for President!



“Drivers urged not travel amid fears of a repeat of M74 chaos after more than 200 motorists were stranded overnight”



Winter in Russia in the 1960s.



Google will make page speed a factor in mobile search ranking starting in July by



New Jersey Governor Wants to Create an Entire Agency to Protect Illegal Immigrants



First Year Approval Rating: Kennedy 76% Eisenhower 69% Bush II 68% Bush I 66% Carter 62% Nixon 61% Reagan 57% Obama 57% Clinton 49% Trump 39% Trump’s first-year average approval rating is the lowest in polling history.



Here’s where to go for Everlane’s charity “Choose What You Pay” sale this weekend



As said in his New Year’s address to diplomats in Rome, we must defend “the right of every person to life.” We need to continue in this struggle for life.



Two found dead in Moraga trailer park were brothers



Trump: 1. Backtracked on a DACA deal he made with Schumer and Pelosi last fall 2. Rejected a separate, bipartisan DACA deal presented to him this month If the government shuts down due to lack of a DACA deal, it is entirely Trump’s fault.



Cardinal. Sun Devils. TONIGHT.



Sweet dreams gorgeous beauties of ❤️😘👩🏼👸🏻👩🏼😴💙🌸🌺🌹💎💎💎



Looking for a series that will make you think differently about how our education system affects the environment and issues like urban sprawl? Look no further.



WATCH: Sen. Orrin Hatch removes a pair of glasses he’s not wearing



92% of Asian Americans are immigrants or children of immigrants. As a community, we need to tell our representatives to & say



WASHINGTON (AP) – AP Sources: Steve Bannon attorney relayed questions to White House during House interview, was told when not to respond.







Carol Massar Retweeted Hollywood Reporter

What’s up with that?

Carol Massar added,



.: “We’re excited to announce that will be the first sitting President to address the from the … The President is committed to protecting the life of the unborn.”





Did you fall victim to a Western Union scam between Jan. 1, 2004 and Jan. 19, 2017? You have until Feb. 12, 2018 to ask for your money back.



Storytelling startup Wattpad raises $15M



Sainte Cecile a small village in ,



Jagmeet Singh, newly engaged, plans to seek healthy public, private balance



is LIVE today w/ dishing on & her winning role in ! +tomorrow don’t miss ‘s , COOKING a meal for her fellow hosts!



Resources f/t Future Retweeted The Guardian

“UK to miss legal climate targets without urgent action, official advisers warn” by

Resources f/t Future added,



Donald Trump went to the doctor and everyone is making the same joke



RT Why do some new nonprofits succeed and some fail? Here are a few basic challenges to consider



Nuevo año, nuevos entrenadores, nuevos métodos de entrenamiento.



On this day in 1994 at 4:31 a.m., 6.7-magnitude Northridge struck SoCal



LIVE: White House Press Sec. Sarah Sanders briefs reporters as potential shutdown looms:



Steve Cromer of on programs: Keeping kids in classrooms in the U.S. for so long leads to culture shock when they finally step onto the production floor. Educators should not be telling industry what they need. It should be switched. – at Rayburn House Office Building



Natural selection at work.






John Rubens Retweeted NBC News

John Rubens added,



House GOP pushes a plan to avert shutdown without Democratic support



Reuters Tech News Retweeted Reuters Tech News

MORE: Apple shares reverse course; now up marginally after company says to accelerate U.S. investment, create 20,000 jobs

Reuters Tech News added,



REPORT: Home Builder Optimism Remained Strong to Start 2018.



Honored to announce that CLASSICS has won the Gold Medal in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards in the Non-Fiction – Education genre!



STORY: U.S. justices sympathize with death row inmate’s claim against lawyer



.: “At one point, I asked for $5,000 more than him just on principle, because the show is Grey’s Anatomy and I’m Meredith Grey. They wouldn’t give it to me”



A sublime collection of short stories that tug at your heartstrings Fiza Pathan delivers an exquisite work of literature. . . . powerful and poignant.



‘Equatorial Guinea’s attempted coup began in France,’ President Obiang tells FRANCE 24



Why does the Fatah Party of Abbas have an official emblem that shows only one state “Palestine” that covers the entire area of Israel? Note the weaponry. Is there any doubt that their goal is the total destruction of Israel?



Hopes of early Brexit transition deal in doubt as France ‘refuses to ease pressure on the Brits’



Apple has reportedly nabbed its first-ever half-hour comedy series — starring Kristen Wigg and produced by Reese Witherspoon



San@falcon Radio Retweeted Falcon Radio

San@falcon Radio added,



الف مبروك لمصممة المجوهرات الصديقة صبا الجمال اطلاق عطرها الجديد في الاسواق



First light! Our CERES instrument on the NOAA-20 satellite has covers back and is scanning Earth, producing “first light” images.



The instrument was one of five that launched Nov. 18, 2017, on ‘s Joint Polar Satellite System 1. After reaching polar orbit Nov. 18, the satellite became known as NOAA-20.



Apple says it’s building a new campus and will hire 20,000 new employees



Apple says it’s building a new campus and will hire 20,000 new employees



Apple says it’s building a new campus and will hire 20,000 new employees



Enter for a chance to win: Winner gets a workout kit & a copy of the ✍️SIGNED✍️ by . Runners-up get a ✍️SIGNED✍️ copy of the book.



7 Reasons To Start A Blog In 2016 You May Not Have Thought Of





Read Sen. Jeff Flake’s speech criticizing Trump.



. please to give up the dream of killing 🇮🇱 The world and the EU would not support any other refugees being used as pawns like this for generations!



Goldman Sachs’s co-president allegedly had $1.2 million of wine stolen by his assistant



Goldman Sachs’s co-president allegedly had $1.2 million of wine stolen by his assistant



Goldman Sachs’s co-president allegedly had $1.2 million of wine stolen by his assistant



GOP congressman fighting to bring back a controversial negotiating tool says ‘you can’t do jack s— for your constituents’ without it



John Rubens Retweeted Central Casting LA

20’s, fit lifeguard;

John Rubens added,



FBI agents visited Steve Bannon’s home last week to discuss subpoena in Russia investigation



La reprise économique va doper les salaires



Reuters Business Retweeted Reuters Business

MORE: Apple shares reverse course; now up marginally after company says to accelerate U.S. investment, create 20,000 jobs

Reuters Business added,



Clara Jeffery Retweeted Mediaite

Wow that is one ageist, sexist email. Sigh.

Clara Jeffery added,



Also, a 50 yo is not a “second wave feminist.”



50-yos literally invented/coined “third-wave feminist”



👹🔥🥦 Blaze up w/me on IG & FB Live today @ 4:20 PT/ 7:20 ET



4th Circuit Approves Imprisonment of Sex Offender Convicted of a Nonexistent Crime



See what our health expert, Nurse Kate, thinks about humidity and its affect on winter wellness. Have any other questions for her? Ask!



Lori Retweeted ABC News Politics

Lori added,



USA Gymnastics revokes fine for McKayla Maroney after Chrissy Teigen offers to pay.



.: “Thanks to the passage of the Trump tax cuts, H&K will be able to expense 100% of the investments they make in new equipment in the same year they buy it.”



Why admissions at elite colleges aren’t really about merit



The FTSE 100 engineering group GKN is facing a hostile takeover bid after rejecting an initial £7bn approach by Melrose Industries



Single-day tickets for have gone on sale today. Check out the daily lineups and more:



Incredible Travel Destinations For Autumn – Amazing views



. Make it right or lose me, one of your customers, and many more.



Steven Seagal Responds To Sexual Misconduct Accusations



Meanwhile, from somewhere over the Pacific…



The latest The Liberationtech Daily!



Bannon Could Face Contempt Sanctions for Not Answering Questions



🔴 FLASH – Deux Américains et deux Canadiens ont été enlevés au Nigeria



White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gives her daily press briefing as a government shutdown looms.



“For a few brief years after the Civil War,” the South transformed “into the most progressive place in America,” and explain:





Happy 96th birthday to !



They’ve been nominated by , but they’ve skipped (or rejected) the entirely – Here’s a list of actors, directors, and artists who have snubbed Hollywood’s biggest awards show



of Back To Bienville Melinda Matthews



Like and blended together with a side of conspiracy and betrayal that redefines all meaning of the word epic? Check out THE GREAT GAME by for only 99c/99p!



Launch of the for & Women’s Empowerment, a communications campaign aimed at addressing social and structural barriers that limit women in Nepal’s access to employment, economic and leadership opportunities.



Replying to

Did you write that just for me? Really? Truly? Well … THANK YOU!!!



Don’t pretend your dog is a service animal



Forget consumer welfare. This antitrust movement targets power instead



Reuters Tech News Retweeted Reuters Tech News

MORE: Apple plans to establish a campus in new location to be announced later this year, initially to house tech support for customers

Reuters Tech News added,



**SAG-AFTRA UNION ONLY SUBMISSIONS*** Fitting is tomorrow, Thursday January 18th and work date is Monday, January…



I can fall back to sleep too, but not like this…





What a hero!



Eddie Jones extends England ‘dream job’ until 2021



Such a startling revelation indeed…



Banned Haskell to miss England’s Six Nations openers



John Rubens Retweeted Bill de Blasio

God must want me to see your . I unfollowed you yesterday for such local notices. MYOB

John Rubens added,



Someone is attacking Apple buses outside of San Francisco



Gulf Coast to Northeast being hit with wintry mix of snow, ice – A storm stretching across the eastern U.S. was playing havoc with travel.





Why mission statements do nothing to motivate front line staff and what they REALLY care about:



📷 Happy birthday to Betty White



Me time for marmots means more time on Earth



Today’s Media Metrics Roundup by includes pieces on various ways reach is being measured, a move by Facebook to put local news in a separate spot in its app and our list of metrics predictions for 2018.



Howard Stern to Induct Bon Jovi Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



Man shot in West Oakland, suspect arrested



YouTube Retweeted Cincinnati Zoo

it worked

YouTube added,



🚨🚨🚨Winsol the baby aardvark is back🚨🚨🚨 We repeat, Winsol the baby aardvark is back This is not a drill ➡️



Take hands. There is no love now. But there are hands. There is no joining now, But a joining has been Of the fastening of fingers And their opening. More than the clasp even, the kiss Speaks loneliness, How we dwell apart And how love triumphs in this. —Laura Riding Jackson



News How to Use LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketing – By Gregg Schwartz As of this writing, we’re almost to the end of 2017 – but even though social media tools have been around for several years, many B2B business owners and sales people stil…



News How Alibaba Empowers Small Business – By Rieva Lesonsky My experience last week at CES was a bit of an eye-opener. While many attendees were oohing and aahing over gigantic television sets and robots (more on that later this week), I sp…



Household brands during the Tide Pods crisis: We need to make products that people are less likely to want to eat Olay: Hold my beer.



R. Cornelius Threats Retweeted BLACK CONSERVATIVE

My mans on 🔥 right now.

R. Cornelius Threats added,



Airline secrets exposed by flight workers. No. 5 is absolutely disgusting!|



Want more quotes like this? Get 100 of our most popular- FREE! Easy Download Here:



With , you can stand out in a crowded inbox.



Daniel Kemp is the fly on the wall in secret government places and no-one escapes his brilliant, inventive mind.

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#ShadowbannedBannon: Will he survive the onslaught? @USNavy @TuckerCarlson #YuvalNoahHariri & and French Civ. at the Institute D’Etudes Francaises. #WinterWeightWinner

“Iran-Contra was nothing like this.” –fictitious Ollie North

Church > Film > Algorithms

Hariri and French Social Philosophers

Stephen Colbert: What about that button?

Guillermo: Which button?

COLBERT: Not yours Guillermo.  Are you sure you’re on the right show?

GUILLERMO: I only appear with winners–like me and you.

COLBERT: LIKE ME AND YOU? Jimmy, your better third is here.  That ought to snap their buttons.


Colbert Sightings: Is Steve Bannon’s life in danger now that he is under subpeona?

BANNON: My life was always in danger. I lived through it.  Ever see Rex Bannon on Jonny Quest?

References: Jonny Quest, (1964-1965), Rex Bannon was to Dr. Quest what Paul, Perry Mason’s investigator was to Perry, only with more brute executive punching power.

Meanwhile, at the White House, President Donald J. Trump weighs 239 and has a remarkable blood pressure.

“I’m not sharing my exercise routine with anyone.”

#Winning: It’s a no-brainer. If #TheDonald sheds his winter weight he wins.


Dear President Trump: You’ve been complaining about “negativity” lately.  You weighed in at 239 lbs. recently as certified by the White House doctor.  Is losing weight a positive or a negative?




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