#PeterFrampton Blocks, Frees Injured Bird. 25th Amendment



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#SwamiG from #India: #Act, don’t #ReAct for to react is to be a slave of sorts.

“Appear steadfast, nothing will stop you. When you see him stalk you like a minx, or feel his breath on your neck, act, don’t re-act.”

circa 1984


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The Road From Affirmative Action Is Slow And I See Why; did I mention the #earthquakes?

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Will DACA Applicants make proficient tutors, teaching aides and teachers? This man is currently not a “teacher” in name. If you want me to teach your kids, at least thank me for it if it’s fair advice for “free” [as free as gratitude].

Twitter: I’ll do it–without school boards–laissez-faire ratings agencies as appropriate okay.  This is about “rating” us again?  Obsessed with ratings. The Trump Administrative Influence. Will DACA aspirants make proficient tutors, teaching assistants and teachers? They’d better.


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What’s In A Label? http://blogosphere45.blogspot.com/2017/10/hollywoodtimewarp-how-can-post.html #TheViper’s Room: #SexDrugs & #RockAndRoll



It’s a tough room alright.


John Rubens

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Led by our #lust, eventually dulled by lack of corresponding receptors, soul craves, lust howls in the night winds of Arizona.

October 20, 2017

copyright John Rubens




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@YasielPuig 9-0 #Dodgers Fiction: “I’m Babe Ruth and Steve Jones is #WolfmanJack [so I’m told by @RaftofWater].

“@YasielPuig Making it a 2-run double for . The keep the peddle down. Sorry .”


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ME: Until you’re ready to kill. I guess that’s what #TRADOC does, moves up #readiness. @WoodyAllenPages “Sad.”

Harvey Weinstein, CA Fires, Puerto Rico, Florida, Houston, Mexico City, Las Vegas



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Religion is not always the cause of war, but often it is mixed in for God’s favor. Love of money is the root of all evil.

: Remember what happened to Iran after the 1978 revolution: . fought hard and saved his headdress. 🙏🧠

John Rubens added,

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Many of us have tits and rarely take notice. Maybe when we’re in our bathrobes.

[]: Yeah, I guess we don’t need as much make-up or even wardrobe anymore, we have lights, the .

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