#BillGates: I am broke and seeking projects. Currently, I have a variety of tasks. My brother-in-law sometimes utilizes me for #handywork and assisted lifting.

just may well be, [] a subsidy for the rich. ” is a suspect word, like “right?”, millennium style.

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#DianneFeinstein is not stupid about #ACA and knows how to improve: cooperate.

If @SenFeinstein is proficient at 10 things, she’s on the right track here. #AllTheYoungDudes #MottTheHoople #Nixon: These kids aren’t bad 🤓


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@UCHastingsLaw When one goes to law school, one’s on ones own. #JohnMRubens: “Do your own work.” I should have listened. @StateBarCAPres John Rubens added, SFGateVerified account @SFGate The best 1-star Yelp reviews of SF-area beaches http://dlvr.it/Pl2gD4

JOHN MATTHEW RUBENS: inactive attorney: NV, CO; suspended, State Bar of California, 140559.

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@POTUS: This is an “act of God”. #NAFTA is back on the table. #ProtoSpeech. “Heel!” @MSNBC

“We do the best we can.” Stanley Kaplan, Civil Procedure, Harvard Law School, BAR/BRI on record, 1988 #BarBriCourse



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#BarronTrump: What are his speech limits? Dear Barron: “They” I used to think it was “the government” but nowadays, I would suggest “them” as the contra side of your position. “Think Mary Pickford and Lucille Ball” to sell your position. Hire people as close to DonaldJr and #GeorgeHRoss as you can get. I use my grandpa, Albert M. Rubens as a model.

Barron Trump is not Chelsea Clinton or @Flotus.


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#Rulebreaking: Is it evidence of a greater #sistema in the United States and/or off-shore?

Did Comey break rules by drafting his Hillary Clinton statement?



“Rules”? Evidence of a “deeper” ? What do and have in common? 😉

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#ChelsieLove compilation

8h8 hours ago

Chelsie Love Retweeted John Rubens

I’ll take that. 🖤

Chelsie Love added,

Replying to

I fell in love with her voice before I ever saw her face. Then I turned around and I was in .

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Where Is The Music?

& Can Corporate America Continue to Produce Music? If they don’t go


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Some lady tweeted me a lunatic. If I believed what Jim feels knowing he ended up dead, I would still fear the lady should she know I felt so.

To a new tweep, a female movie director, Paula. She’s not the one that tweeted me a “lunatic”.  That fine grandmother’s moniker was Brink.

“Jim” refers to Jim Morrison, of whom the directed posted a photo.



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#Barron mentioned sharks

Ecuador seizes 300-tons of fish, including endangered species such as hammerhead shark, on a Chinese vessel in the Galapagos Marine Reserve 2m


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