#ADHESIONCONTRACTS A form of cyber-hi-jacking? WordPress, twitter, do not have to post tweets as initiated. For instance, an associated but separate twitter account posted MSNBC and Maxine Waters instead of a CNN feed.

Maxine Waters short circuits during live TV interview😂 Dear Democrats, please keep putting her on television. She is helping Trump so much!



“Blood” has a cyber meaning for . “If it bleeds it leads” is no longer kosher.


Reposted on twitter under different post [MSNBC rather than CNN as prior tweet expressed under twitter account associated with original tweeter’s account].


Re: Modern Slaves

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Then Came #JoeTorre

Dodgers baseball: @Dodgers #OldTimersGame I was about to turn it off, but then #JoeTorre ran out of the dugout before @TommyLasorda @SportsNetLA


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From ‘strength to strength’: Combat the Devil with the Holy Spirit.

U won’t be bored.  Eyes on Him.


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@Pontifex Re: Insularity of Parishes, The U.S. Council of Bishops, Legalities separate unity? #Management

Dear Pontifex:

This letter is about the Chinese/yogi/ecclesiastical methodologies of incorporating the daily routines into one’s religious life.  Foreign Affairs published two articles in the May/June 2017 issue dealing with the “Western compartmentalization” approach to daily living and the Chinese universality of routines incorporated with religious identity approach.  Do we as Catholics insulate ourselves within a parish? Do we choose our congregations by locale, heritage, spiritual muse or conversion? For instance, my wife Lucia and I attend mass via @EWTN for a variety of reasons. I feel a welcoming Christ ministering to us, as Joseph Mary MFVA said, to “[those suffering through difficulties at the moment]”.  The teaching is relevant to me and I hope I am relevant to EWTN.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


John and Lucia Rubens


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Ducks in a row? #Madonna’s “#Holiday…Celebrate”, #CincoDeMayo, #713Day, #BastilleDay: What congregation do you choose?



Hi Mallory! I tweeted and blogged about ‘s , France’s #BastilleDay, this morning. Thx 4 notice of !



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Jimmy Carter’s fruit at stake?

Bill Clinton and I wish you a speedy recovery. Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Foundation might not have existed had you not lost the election in 1980.  The charitable work will be more excellent with your helmsmanship Commander!


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There’s so much ambient light, it’s hard to see the stars anyway. Daniel Day Lewis retired.

“And all the stars that never were are parkin’ cars and pumpin’ gas.” “Do You Know The Way to San Jose?”

Uber: Like a prayer, I’ll take you there.

Credits: “Do You Know The Way To San Jose”–Burt Bacharach, popularized by Dionne Warwick; “Like A Prayer” by Madonna Ciccone.

And then there are the Messy Marvins: “You don’t have to hide anymore!”

“All You Zombies” by The Hooters


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#BoyScoutsMotto: #BePrepared: Means for situations, things, people, concerns adjusted appropriately.

See other learning virtues in the Motto.  Thrifty, but not too tight you are “penny wise and pound foolish.”



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Read about nuns creating open air place of worship in the path of a proposed oil pipeline. #PeopleSpaces #LandUse #ReligiousTrustProperties?

Corn fields again?

Psalm 65: 13 “…the valleys also are covered over with corn;”


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Dog Gone It, Jack Dorsey is as deadly as ozone.

Truly, from Cobb Mtn. CA

I’m coming for you Jack Dorsey. There isn’t enough room for both of us. #WhisperingPines.


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