#SecretInTheirEyes: Two years ahead of its time. A film by #BillyRay

Hi, : I’m F. Scott Fitzgerald’s in . My wife wants me to sell my book. I think you or might like to read it. Came out the same year as your movie . Free sample I’m told. They drank

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Sex Education 2018: #statutoryrape101 #sexualharassment101 #botheringachild101

Statutory rape laws work. At what age can children raise children? What about rich kids? Currently, CA has 18 as the legal age of consent. Like speed limits, adjustments can be counter-productive. #Zeitgeist: Civil bonanza coupled with State restraint where evidence too weak for DA/City Attorney to prosecute alleged offender.


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#POTUS44 Attends Jury Duty in Chicago by #AlyssaPointer @ChicagoTribune

: on : “You will not exclude me from the process.” [documentary] ‘s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties course; Forums: p. 6 The Frankfurt School.

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#GretaVanFleet #AClockworkOrange #CliveDavis #TheSoundtrackofOurLives

The Main Attraction

all the backing, polish and vitality anyone could ask for

What would Rose McGowan say?


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Rally Downtown #Trumps & #Chumps

Retweeted LAPD

“All he does is tweet.” alleges Thomas Friedman on

John Rubens added,


Joy Reid Retweeted The Hill


Joy Reid added,

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Liberation Doesn’t Have to Displease God Necessarily.

Comfortably Numb Strawberry Fields Forever Liberation

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Y2K: #EnronPatrol < #EnronOdyssey: #Odysseus Comes Home to Meet the Suitors. #HankPaulson, "Holy hell!" #Fiction #EnronTaskForce @JonesysJukebox John Rubens added, BI MarketsVerified account @themoneygame JPMorgan's Mary Erdoes issued a dark warning for a large group of Wall Streeters http://read.bi/2A1L5Mc



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McCain Asks For No More Defense Nominees [They drive up Costs]

Zero Sum Game?

“Dead-enders?” Relativity.  Vikings and my biological paternal grandmother.


Thanks Danny Harrison.


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Peter Neumann and His Critics @ForeignAffairs NOV/DEC 2017, p. 144, 150.

Chinese/Sufi Parable:

“If you lost your key in the house, why are you looking for it under the street lamp?”

“The power is out.”

Banks and other financial institutions cannot monitor every $100 transaction or notice every time someone with a potentially suspicious background rents a truck.  Yet because countering terrorist financing remains the job of treasuries and finance ministries, governments will keep looking in the wrong places.  As the saying goes, ‘If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’  As long as these ministries are in charge, that will not change.

Peter Neumann Foreign Affairs, NOV/DEC 2017 at 150



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#HR4HR “First Pitches by Sandy Koufax, Don Sutton, Kirk Gibson and Steve Harvey!” “Garvey” “What?” “Garvey, Steve Garvey!” “Quadrants.” Coming soon @ 5:20 pm PST @FoxSports


John Rubens Tweet text

Replying to and

No need to trample lawns in Houston or Daytona. Thanks . is & the invited.



and all to throw out first pitches of of the 2017 Thank You All!

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