Italian Punchlines

“The old Italian gentleman? Oh he’s dead.”

“Old Italians never die, they merely pass away… .”

#AlphonseCapone: What was that? My spiritual ties got a titillating jingle.

@IAMJericho: Remember #Geronimo? I jump on people so they fear to tread on me.

@BillClinton: Can I use that Chief?

Fiction by John Rubens

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Like loyalty in a cage-match @IAMJericho @TheMorelli_Firm

Dear @PutinRF_Eng: I suppose @megynkelly is trying to say, “At least @Pontifex makes an effort to shepherd the faithful. What do you do to corral the #oligarchs who claim #RussianFederation loyalty. “Loyalty?” asks President Putin incredulously. “It’s more like a cage match.”

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Robert Louis Stevenson: How Times Have Changed

To be what we are & to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

No wonder I feel dead. But cocaine was legal back then. Stevenson wrote Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in three days and nights. @TheJesuits “Enter into my rest.” #Ephesians Sounds more like it now. Rest with Swiss vigilance and grace from Jesus & The Holy Spirit. #Lent2018

Yet, not so much… .


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#Scaramucci, gotta watch that guy continuously. Like the outlaw by circumstance at the campfire in the movies. The world is a rough and tumble place on the trail.
John Rubens

51 seconds ago

If Scaramucci picks the fight and then says, or his best friends say, “Pick on someone your own size,”, I can reply either “Pick on someone your own age” or “Get a life,” and hold me ground until he looks at the ground or let’s me be his uncle. @IAmJericho I’m from #Winnepeg
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View Tweet activity: I’m not scared of Scaramucci and neither is Chris Jericho

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Trump In CA, Kim Jong In Pyongyang; The Donald in Rancho Palos Verdes or Tijuana, Kim Jong Un, #skypes it in from La Jolla. #HideandSeek: A great children’s game. #RemoteLocations #BreakingEarthBordertoBorder

John Rubens @Skype opportunity
Subaru #LiveNation tomorrow! #luciddream: when I was five, classmates were lining up for innoculations in my backyard. I was scared and decided not to queue with the others, turned away. As soon as I did, blond MD with white coat began his pursuit. Although fast, legs ultra-slow

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Dear @JonesysJukebox: Attached is the beginning of my lucid dream when I was 5 years-old, before the MD chased me into the upper cubicle of our closet which was full of beach sand. #DalyCityCA 1963-1964. #GetOut  #JackLWilliamsDDS later had the fairy picture in his office w/wand.
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“Shorten it.”–Jennifer Hudson #TheVoice

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Natasha Bertrand [Reply to]

Time will tell. Is #Tillerson known to be careful about words he uses? Off-hand remark. We readers do not dote on Tillerson’s words and whose to say he can’t start playing fast and loose like his former employer [@POTUS]. #ServeAtPleasureofPresident



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Meghan Markle Joins Church of England, pays respects to Queen Elizabeth II as ranking monarch, is sovereign leader of the Church. It is the Queen’s duty to appoint acting Church leaders like The Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishop of York is also an influential member of rank in the Church.

Rachel Meghan Markle (born August 4, 1981); Member of the Church of England, engaged to marry #PrinceHarry, Veteran Soldier for the U.K. and Allied Forces Iraqi Freedom Missions


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Chasing Me With A Hypodermic: Lucid Dreams @ 5 years old #GetOut

“Poor sods.” Steve Jones [Jarvis] is falling into a sand pit. Dear Jonesy: Did you read about my dream when a blonde male doctor was chasing me into the upper cubicle in my closet and when I got there, sand was in it and I had nowhere else to go? I kicked it in the MDs face, repeated until I woke up (I was running out of sand and he looked Ukrainian or Russian or Polish–Could have been German.  Depends where one draws the line).  There are no lines in dreams?  One wakes up first.  Please find me exceptions: the abyss.  Blending ? The unconscious, the subconscious.





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The Moral Capacity To Appear At Mass @JonesyJukebox #Legend: JC is SJJ

JC: Shovel say my funeral.

SHOVEL: The eulogy?

JC: Is that all?

SHOVEL: Shame?

JC: What?!

SHOVEL: What do you want for your funeral Jonesy?


Still Thinking


JC: I never go to funerals.

PA: Let the dead bury their dead?


JC: What did Shakespeare say about death? “Does it sting?” What is that Shovel?

SHOVEL: [ignores Jones, seeking more clarity]

JC: What is that?

SHOVEL: I think that may be the Bible Jonesy, “[D]eath, where is thy sting?” From St. Paul.

JC: ‘Saint’ Paul?

SHOVEL: Lemmy’s in heaven Jonesy.

copyright John Rubens Sunday March 11, 2018 3+11+2018 = 7 “alternative facts”

Numerology as an alternative




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#SpecSkit 4 @RosanneBarr #RosanneTV #BenedictXIV: Our last hope is the children. Psalm 78

ROSANNE:  Tom Arnold, meet John Goodman.  John Goodman, meet Tom Arnold.

JG: Hi Tom.

TA: Fuhumph

JG: What’s that? A whorehouse in Nevada?

TA: Fumph.

JG: Short Stay?

TA: [expression]

JG: Okay.


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